Your Health is our Priority, Staying Safe Together

 Hopefully, in the near future, we will all be willing and able to travel again. It will then be essential for many of us to “go green”, to change our ideas. In this respect, Charente-Maritime is an ideal destination. With this in mind, it was essential for me to reconsider how to welcome you in the coming weeks. It is obvious, despite the uncertainties of our current situation, both with regard to lifting the lockdown and to the coronavirus itself, that the TOP PRIORITY is HEALTH. Strict adherence to barrier measures means making changes to our lifestyles, particularly where we are “living together”. Guest houses obviously need to pay strict attention to health guidelines to ensure that everyone, you as well as us, stays free from the stress and anguish of contamination. You will find our commitments to cleanliness and hygiene, as well as the guidelines and rules that we will ask you to respect, below.

Our Commitments

  • You will stay in a room which, after having been thoroughly cleaned, will have been completely disinfected either with steam (mattress, pillow, duvet…) or with Hyprodis MERI STERIL disinfectant which is active against the coronavirus. Manufacturer’s data sheet: Meri Steril is a powerful, disinfectant, bactericide, virucide, fungicide. Specially designed to disinfect materials and surfaces in contact with foodstuffs without rinsing. Designed and manufactured in France. Eco-certified.
  • The frequency of cleaning your room during your stay is up to you. At your request, we will clean your room every 2 days, respecting the health precautions. However, if you prefer that nobody enters your room, we will provide you with a “cleaning kit”.
  • Disinfectant wipes will be available for the duration of your stay. Please do not flush them down the toilet; the planet will thank you for it.
  • Breakfast will be served in your room (what a luxury!!!) or at a “private” table. On sunny days, it would be a shame to stay confined to your room while the garden is opening its arms to you!
  • “Table d’hôtes” (communal dining) is obviously not possible at the moment but rest assured, we won’t let you starve and can offer you meals either in your room, in the living room or in the dining room. We will choose the menus together.
  • The Jacuzzi: the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that pools and spas, if properly maintained, are not vectors for coronavirus transmission. To be on the safe side, we will increase the doses of bromine in the water by 50%. In addition, we will completely disinfect the Jacuzzi area after each use.
  • Finally, for those guests who do not wish to use the Jacuzzi, we offer the use of the sauna free of charge.

Your Commitments

  • You agree to stay at least one metre away from us and any other guests. You will check that the staircase is clear before entering.
  • You agree not to shake hands or kiss us on arrival and throughout your stay.
  • You agree to use the disinfectant wipes made available to you in all common areas: door handles, switches etc.
  • You agree not to go up to your rooms with your shoes on. Lockers will be at your disposal at the entrance to leave your shoes in. “Hotel slippers” will be available upon your arrival.

I very much look forward to having the pleasure of welcoming you at La Tillaie.

Warmest regards,


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