Gift Vouchers

Would you like to give someone the gift of a stay at La Tillaie? A gift for a birthday, Christmas or other special occasion...

Treat them to a stay at La Tillaie with one of our bespoke gift cards. The rates and services are adaptable to your budget and we can work together to personalise your gift.

From a basic package at 100€ for 1 night + breakfast + 1 hour of spa, you can add extras  such as a full dinner or lighter “apéritif dînatoire”, a massage, a session of sophrology or a  guided tour of the surrounding villages.

Do not hesitate to contact me directly on 06 15 24 71 03 so that I can help you to design your gift. You can also send me an email at [email protected] explaining what you want, and I will be delighted to send you a quote without obligation.
Finally, I will send the Gift Card, valid for 18 months, by post, either to your address or to the address you have given me.

Gift Vouchers are neither exchangeable nor refundable, even partially.