Terms of Sales

Terms of Sales

1. The object
These general conditions of sale define the rights and obligations of the parties in the context of the remote reservation of services offered by the establishment La TILLAIE on its site and its Mobile Services.

They govern all the steps necessary for the reservation and the follow-up of the reservation between the contracting parties. All reservations therefore imply on the part of the customer full and unreserved acceptance of these conditions. Any customer acknowledges having the capacity to contract, ie to be of legal majority and not to be under guardianship or curatorship.
The names “establishment” and “site” refer throughout this text to the site named www.latillaie.com and correspond to the domain name that can be consulted at www.latillaie.com

2. Fields of application
These T&Cs apply to all reservations made online, via the website or mobile services or its partners. They also apply to reservations made directly by phone or email.

3. Opposition of the general conditions
In any case, the version of the general conditions of sale opposable to the customer is that in force at the time of his reservation on the website or the mobile services or of his partners.

4. Reservations
Reservations are made on the website, by email, by post or by telephone. The reservation will be effective only if the latter is guaranteed by the customer, by communicating a credit card number with expiry date.
Payment for all services will be made directly to the establishment (except for reservations prepaid at the time of reservation).

5. Payment
In the event of payment by credit card or bank transfer, the establishment collects the full price of the reservation made by the customer one month before the effective date of the first day of the reserved stay.
In case of payment by check, cash, or holiday vouchers, the amount of the entire stay is to be paid on arrival of the customers. The establishment reserves the right to collect the total amount of the stay one month before the effective date of the first day of the reserved stay using the bank card details provided during the reservation.
This amount will be fully refunded upon payment by cheque, cash or Chèques Vacances.

6. Changes to the stay
Any modification of stay must be the subject of a request by email to the establishment.The request will only become effective when the establishment has confirmed its acceptance by email.
In case of modification of stay, the following conditions apply:
-In case of no-show on the scheduled arrival date, the entire stay remains due.
-Any stay started is entirely due.

7. Cancellation of stay
All stay cancellations must be requested by email to the establishment or by telephone. The request will only become effective when the establishment has confirmed its acceptance by email.
In the event of cancellation of stay, the following conditions apply:
-For all requests made less than 30 days before the scheduled arrival date, the amount of the entire stay will be invoiced and debited via the credit card sent when booking.
-In case of no-show on the scheduled arrival date, the amount of the entire stay will be invoiced and debited via the credit card sent when booking

-Any stay started is entirely due.

8. Force majeure
Force majeure means any event external to the parties that is unforeseeable, insurmountable and external to the parties and prevents either the client or the establishment from fulfilling all or part of the obligations provided for in the contract.
Are considered as force majeure or fortuitous cases those usually recognized by the jurisprudence of the French Courts and Tribunals.
Each party cannot be held liable to the other party in the event of non-performance of its obligations resulting from an event of force majeure.
It is expressly agreed that a case of force majeure suspends, for the parties, the performance of their reciprocal obligations and that each party bears the cost of the resulting costs.

9. Price
Prices are always indicated in EUROS. VAT is always included.
The prices indicated only include the service indicated in the reservation.
Additional services provided by the establishment during the stay and, where applicable, tourist tax will be added to the price mentioned in the reservation. The applicable prices are those in force on the day of the reservation. Only the price indicated in the booking confirmation is contractual.

10. Complaints and disputes
All complaints must be made to the establishment within 7 days of the date of stay.
“”In accordance with Articles L.616-1 and R.616-1 of the Consumer Code, we offer a consumer mediation system. The chosen mediation entity is: CNPM – CONSUMER MEDIATION. In the event of a dispute, you can file your complaint on its website: https://cnpm-mediation- consumption.eu or by post by writing to CNPM – MEDIATION – CONSUMPTION – 27 avenue de la libération – 42400 Saint-Chamond »
In the absence of recourse to the conventional mediation procedure or to any alternative method of dispute resolution within 30 days, each of the parties may seize the competent judicial jurisdiction.

11. Responsibilities
It is up to the establishment to take out all the guarantees and insurance necessary for welcoming the public to its establishment and for the exercise of its activity.
The responsibility of the establishment in the event of theft of goods or objects when they have been entrusted to its custody only.
The customer must ensure the custody of his goods and objects. The client must inform the establishment of any degradation of which he is the cause. He is responsible for all damage caused by his intermediary and undertakes in the event of deterioration of the premises made available to him to bear the costs of restoration.
Also, any behavior contrary to morality, public order, or considered as endangering the life of others, will lead the establishment to ask the customer to leave the establishment without any compensation and or without any refund if a payment has already been made. In the event that no payment has yet been made, the customer must pay the price of the nights spent before leaving the establishment.

The client agrees not to invite anyone without the prior agreement of Mr. Olivier ROTENSZTAJN. In any case, if the behavior of the guest is likely to harm the establishment, the latter reserves the right to intervene.



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